• Training Professionals is it difficult to add scalability to sales?
    Our software helps you to MAXIMIZE your revenue potential and increase your availability
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    Training professionals are you under pressure to demonstrate stakeholder value?
    Our software helps you to MAXIMIZE learner engagement, informal learning and team building
  • Training Professionals are you constantly seeking a competitive edge?
    Our software helps you to MAXIMIZE the results of your customer training, sales coaching, virtual sessions, facilitation, on boarding… 

On our platform integrate and simplify multiple facets of your face-to-face training

Compliment it with DIGITAL to greatly enhance your


Build engagement & trust, initiate polls & discussion


Hit the ground running and maximize valuable face-to-face time


Invite alumni, SMEs & other stakeholders to help drive informal and social learning


Did learning happen? plan Q&A sessions and design quizzes


Utilize scheduling, client reports, dashboard and other management functions


Showcase your programs & expertize for multiple target audiences & markets


Via social channels or direct mail campaigns allow buyers to directly transact


Elongate the learning engagement by adding pre & post coaching

HR, L&D, trainers, facilitators and freelance professionals get started with Active Learning

Invest less than 60 minutes to build your DIGITAL program

Registration is free, use social or an email-id to REGISTER | click here. Next, fill in all the relevant info to create either a personal or organization ACCOUNT. Finally, invite administrators, facilitators, program managers and other relevant PEOPLE to begin the digital learning experience.
Taking your traditional instructor-led program and making a digital overview is simple and easy step by step process. Next, design the program agenda considering your digital flow. Add assessment, feedback, openspace and other relevant digital activities. Share presentations, videos, web pages and other resources. Finally, you are ready to schedule your program and invite your learners. DONE!
It is a choice to promote and transact on programs in either a private or public setting. Via social channels and email campaigns introduce programs and schedules both within the organization, to clients or the public at large. Enable buyers to purchase or join your Program or you can simply send a customized invitation to your known learners.
Alumni, mentors, SMEs & other stakeholders can be invited to create a truly informal and social learning experience. With anytime anywhere engagement, break the ice early, achieve clarity on training needs, shift it to a learner driven model and then continue the collaboration to build real-life case studies.
For clients and learners share comprehensive learning reports of their program experience including results from assessments & feedback. Celebrate learning by appreciating all learning stakeholders for their contributions.

In the digital economy, are you uber-ready?

"a Professional who is fully exploiting
their real-world expertize by
seamlessly merging it with DIGITAL

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For both pricing models, take advantage of inviting unlimited number of learners

Our Pricing Model

SILVER | FREE + pay-per-use learning APPs

Recommended for
Freelance or Independent Training Professionals and Start ups

Account features

Unlimited number of Learners

Learning features
Design and Schedule UNLIMITED number of Programs. It includes Learning Stream, Stakeholders, Resources & Activities
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SILVER | FREE + pay-per-use learning APPs

Sales features
Display you Public Program Portfolio in the Public Market Place
Social features
Integrated with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Slideshare
Help Desk features
By Email within 48 hours
APPs Store
Enjoy all free and pay-per-use APPs

GOLD | Request for a proposal

Recommended for
Corporate HR & Business Units, Institutes, Training Enterprises and Content IP owners
Account features
UNLIMITED number of Learners and a comprehensive User Administration, Permission & Enrolment Management; White Label platform, emails & notifications and an Organization URL
Learning features
Design and Schedule UNLIMITED number of Programs. It includes Learning Stream, Stakeholders, Resources and Activities
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GOLD | Request for a proposal

Sales features
Host Programs in a Private and in a white label Market Place with an URL
Social features
Integrated with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Slideshare
Help Desk features
By Email or Voice within 12 hours and a train the trainer program
App store discount
Enjoy a 25% discount on all pay-per-use APPs
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For your programs, it is easy to design, create and schedule activities with

our pay-per-use LEARNING APPs

an awesome training and learning experience

and for each learner, share a click to create, powerful and personalized learning outcomes from your program,


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With DIGITAL, enjoy the flexibility to design new learning models

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