DIGITAL empowers all stakeholders of a classroom or virtual Instructor-led Training. DIGITAL enables social, collaborative and informal learning to happen anytime, anywhere before after or even during the training. The program design, learner engagement and the learning outcomes become the focus of the training professional.

Absolutely, no specialized content or specialized content creating skills are necessary. PDF or PPT documents, images, web pages can be shared by and with the stakeholders as and when needed. Assessments, assignments, feedback, reports and various other activities can be easily and quickly designed, created and implemented online. Using webinar tools such as GOTO Meeting, lectures can be saved as videos to be shared on Wiztango.

Wiztango considers itself as an Active Learning platform or a DIGITAL Facilitation platform but not as an LMS.

However, learning administration, schedules, organization roles, permission settings, enrolment, dashboard, program listings, reports and private marketplace are most if not all of the relevant LMS functions and features are available on Wiztango.

A program and its corresponding schedules can be kept completely private. Personalized email invites are sent out to the learning stakeholders by the training professional or administrator. In which case only such invited stakeholders have access to the content, resources, engagement and results.

It is also possible to have a public program which is accessible via search and social but the schedules are kept private. For example, B2B programs are publicly promoted and for a dedicated client the schedule and corresponding details are kept private.

Lastly, via search and social, public programs and corresponding public schedules enable stakeholders to directly transact and join.

Click here to view a sample Public Program

In a DIGITAL model, the scope for deeper and longer engagement amongst the stakeholders can be greatly enhanced for a virtual ILT.

For example, a high level design to transform the learning outcomes of a webinar may include (1) Sharing the webinar as short video lecture nuggets (2) followed by a live social debate, discussion or Q&A session, (3) incorporating assessments, project, feedback activities and (4) finally, the webinar based on the flip-the-class model or facilitation model driving problem solving, case studies, assignment review, etc.

Access to content stays restricted to the invited or approved stakeholders for any given program.

As most applications have or now steadily moving to the cloud, the safety of the content and data is of paramount concern. Amazon Web Services provides one of the safest cloud infrastructures | click here to learn more

1) enhancing search visibility with an unique URL for each program and each corresponding schedule

(2) enabling stakeholders or visitors to click to share program overview and agenda on various social networks

(3) driving awareness via an easy to use and click to send direct email campaigns

The effectiveness is derived from the visibility and accessibility of the programs in the market place and by enabling prospective customers to directly and immediately transact on the upcoming schedules

For trainers, facilitators, instructors and other training professionals, Wiztango is absolutely FREE. There are no limits on the number of users, learners, stakeholders or on programs and schedules. On a pay-per-use model, purchase learning APPs such as assessments, feedback and learning outcomes. But, for now even the APPs are FREE.

Sign up is quite easy, it requires an email-id or can happen via Facebook | Click here to sign up

To learn more about how to create an organization account, programs, schedules and deliver DIGITAL-ILTs | check out a user guide on Slideshare

To join an upcoming schedule to learn more about the benefits and how to add DIGITAL to ILTs | click on The Digital Trainer on Slideshare

Register now and enjoy your digital learning journey

We truly care about our users and our product.

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