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Certified DIGITAL IFC Training Professional

The DIGITAL Trainer certifies the training professional is ready to best exploit their expertize and maximize results in the digital economy.

A Certified Achiever has successfully created, marketed and then delivered a DIGITAL program.

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In the DIGITAL economy, Training Professionals must get UBERized, not MOOCed.

We are a Boston start-up, inspiring, facilitating and consulting DIGITAL transformations for training professionals, corporate L&D and enterprises.

The traditional Instructor-led Training | ILT model faces constant pressures on delivery, budget and most importantly results. With challenges from eLearning, online, MOOCs and the ever changing learning styles, how does this model evolve to really stay relevant for the next generation of learners?

We are leading the change from the traditional classroom or webinar-based ILT to a DIGITAL Instruction Facilitation Coaching model.

Our first certificate program, The DIGITAL Trainer masterclass empowers trainers, coaches, facilitators, and other training professionals to seamlessly integrate DIGITAL into their own unique delivery model.

Join us to learn, adopt and lead the transformation,

Sinhgad Institute of Business Admin. and Research

SIBAR owns the responsibilities of preparing young managers with global managerial capabilities to meet the new, fast-changing and challenging demands of Business Environment. The Institute assists graduates to grow the ability for quick and appropriate decision-making skills to maintain winning-edge performances in the industry"

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