Practicing Marketing Principles I - Primer

Empowering your value-chain contributors organization-wide

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Sure the business environment has radically changed, but superior marketing is & always been built around basics pillars. However, the difference today more than ever is that every employee in the value chain is marketing the organization brand. Are the contributors in your value-chain practicing marketing principles? Join our learning circle to build an organization-wide marketing mindset.


Is practicing marketing principles valuable only for the sales & marketing professionals?

Marketing is essential not only for the professionals pursuing the core subject applications but also for everyone in the organization, the companies lure the best professionals in all domain by marketing their company as a product. The prospective candidate wants to showcase their strengths and how they can be an asset to the company.

Senior management markets the organization as a whole to the promoters and financial institutions, the HR draws a beautiful picture to highlight the company’s history and legacy to attract & keep the talent ever in the organization. The service, support and logistics team continuously engage the customers.
The basic concepts of marketing do not change but finds its application. Marketing as an activity is no longer restricted to marketing department alone, entire organization needs to practice marketing. It must drive the vision, mission, & organizations entire strategic planning exercise, only then the organization can survive the hyper competitive era.

Despite the radical changes in the business environment, the core pillars of marketing remain intact scanning the business environment; contextualizing opportunities & challenges; ideating & solution-ing; and implementation. This however is not a one-off exercise but a regular practice to build marketing mind muscle.

Key Learnings

  • To build a habit of daily practice

  • To enhance communication skills

  • To create digital literacy

  • To appreciate collective learning

  • To stay ahead of the learning curve


> PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device plus internet (with a keyboard helpful)
> Internet access> 45-60 minutes of available time daily for 2 days per week



Learning stakeholder


Topics and agenda

  • 1. A Warm Welcome

    Digital On boarding | 15 Minutes

    Get all participants on board and do a bit of practice

    To achieve a sense of comfort in our digitally-blended learning environment

  • 2. Setting the context (for parents)

    Contextualizing | 15 Minutes

    A series of poll questions to set the context from the parents perspective

    Gaining clarity on the why

  • 3. How it works

    Getting started | 20 Minutes

    Overview on the 6 daily steps for the children, includes the overall schedule for parents

    Getting familiarized

  • 4. Roles and responsibilities

    Setting the expectations | 15 Minutes

    An overview on the expectations, roles and responsibilities of our stakeholders

    Knowing our role and expectations

  • 5. Principles and concepts

    Knowing the background | 15 Minutes

    A set of concepts and principles for your learning circle

    Having clarity on the background for all stakeholders

  • 6. Practice Learning (I)

    Practice |

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 1

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 7. Practice Learning (II)

    Practice |

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 2

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 8. Practice Learning (III)

    Practice |

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 3

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 9. Practice Learning (IV)

    Practice |

    Daily Practice field for creating and sharing your opinion for week 4

    Creating, appreciating, curating and sharing digital content

  • 10. Review and reflection

    Giving feedback | 30 Minutes

    A place to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback on the learning experience

    To review, reflect and share

  • 11. Background

    Information sharing | 10 Minutes

    Information on learning circles, our teacher-facilitators and about us

    To gain additional clarity


Deepak Solanki

I am a business transformation specialist for over 25 years, greatly enhanced the distribution channel and market share for various Japanese, Korean, American and Indian organizations, over 4,000 hours of sales & marketing training & facilitating at premier management institutes and for the Japanese employees of global Japanese companies, passionate about instructional design for skills development

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Metabridge LLC

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