Optimizing Work Performance through Healthy Living

Proactive Wellness Leads to Personal and Organizational Success

Facilitated by Metabridge LLC

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Organizational productivity depends highly on the general tiredness, stamina and energy-levels of each of its employees. Are your employees proactively leading healthy living? Step into a digitally-facilitated coaching circle, commit to a 21-day journey and optimize work performance.


Feeling tired, depleted stamina, dropping energy-levels impact us as individuals and thus the organization as a whole. There is always a motivation to perform at our optimal level but getting there may require a top-to-bottom re-evaluation and possibly re-hauling of our daily activities.

If personal success is vital then the choice to do something should be clear. We are not talking about gym membership or a fad-diet. We focus on changes in our daily activities and habits centered around three key areas (1) mind (2) body (3) nutrition. The road map is ready for you along with a cool digital coaching platform and a passionate facilitator to help facilitate the process.

How does it work?
There is no sage on-the-stage giving motivational talks and as such each of us must work to achieve change. It is you who must contextualize the challenges and opportunities. The facilitator’s role is only and simply to facilitate. Your first goal is to create a strong WHY. Because we do know that success is elusive if the intrinsic motivation is unclear.

In our case, ‘we,’ means you as part of a group of colleagues, a learning circle or a collective actionable intelligence formed for this shared purpose. As highlighted in the Agenda, there is a set process with daily content and activities. The learning and coaching experience is digitally-facilitated. As such, we can do it anytime and anywhere; thus saving time and effort to travel and always meeting in person.

Our daily schedule
Day 1 | we kick-off with a hands-on session. If you miss this session, no worries, a video of it is shared.
Day 2-21 | daily, we research multiple topics related to the mind, body and nutrition; we each share insights and recall relevant stories. Each day sets the stage for you to reflect and apply the learning into your life.
Day 22 | Review and reflection

Join your colleagues on this journey back to the future, back to when we were younger but perhaps not as smart.

Key Learnings

  • To build self-discipline and healthy habits

  • To clarify on what actually is making you tired

  • To bring calmness of the mind

  • To create strength in the body

  • To consume the best nutrition


> A laptop or a tablet (with a keyboard) is recommended. > A commitment of 30-45 minutes a day> Strong desire to make a change



Learning stakeholder


Topics and agenda

  • 1. A warm welcome

    On boarding | 15 Minutes

    Welcome on board and lets familiarize ourselves

    To achieve a sense of comfort in our learning environment

  • 2. Our Stakeholders

    Receiving | 10 Minutes

  • 3. How it works

    Sharing | 15 Minutes

    An overview of how our learning circle operates

    To gain know how

  • 4. Principles and Background

    Sharing | 15 Minutes

  • 5. Self-check

    Contextualizing | 30 Minutes

    Explore the challenges and reasons

    To gain clarity on our why

  • 6. Repeating Pattern

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 7. Is this Urgent?

    4R - Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 8. Forty Winks and all is Good

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 9. Mind the Gap

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 10. One More Tea Spoon Please

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 11. What\'s the Response

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 12. Keep Growing

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 13. Staying Neutral

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 14. A Strange Brew

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 15. Like Me Tender

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 16. Watch the Clock

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 17. Up and Down

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 18. Wash up, Hush up and...

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 19. Plink, Plunk, Plonk

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 20. Love a Pretzel

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 21. Raise the Intensity

    4R Active Learning | 30 Minutes

  • 22. Review and Reflection

    Summarizing | 30 Minutes

    To explore areas for enhancements

    To enhance and improve

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Metabridge LLC

At Metabridge, we work with Subject Matter Experts (SME), Product Owners, Authors, Publishers, Training Providers, Corporate, Institutes and Schools and a wide gamut of the learning supply chain.

Our growth business model and Learning Circle technology enables SMEs & Content Originators to build a scalable learning model by digitalizing their expertise and then assigning trainers and teachers to facilitate digitally-blended training as a Learning Circle for employees, professionals or students to contextualize & apply learning, resulting in learning through collective intelligence and a high ROI.