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Effectively contextualizing faith in today's world

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A significant proportion of the world’s population consider themselves as faith seekers. Many of these men and women are ever seeking to open new doors on their spiritual journeys. Are you someone that is searching for meaning and exploring dialogue with others but unable to find time or the opportunity to do so? Join us daily to deliberate, discuss, contextualize and explore the ‘word of God’.


Fruitful dialogues have developed among individuals, groups, movements and associations over the years, contributing to unity. Dialogue among those who seek may reveal treasures that might otherwise be hidden , encouraging the common effort. The dialogue amongst the faithful fosters peace and universal brotherhood. Finally, the dialogue with all people of good will in our present-day society including its cultural dimension, leads to collaboration for common values such as freedom, social justice and harmony.

In an article “Dialogue: a way of being authentic,” Sister Catherine McCahill shares “The word dialogue comes from two Greek words: dia (between) and logos (word), so it is essentially “the word between us”. I want to extend this definition of Jane Vella’s to the “Word” between us, within us and between us and God. For us, who put our faith in the Incarnate Word of God, the Word is more than an ideological concept, it is God enfleshed among us.”

In our discovering faith learning circle, we deliberate, discuss, contextualize and explore deeper meanings in the verses and passages of the Gospel.

This equation summarizes our learning circle

1. Receive a passage of scripture along with a question
2. Take time to deliberate and reflect
3. Respond with your frank opinion
4. Appreciate, curate and engage your peers
5. Review and reflect on the facilitator’s responses

Learning circles owe its origin to Study Circles. The concept and practice of the study circle appeared in the late nineteenth century Europe. The concept later developed in early 20th century Sweden where today study circles are a mass phenomenon and have broad national support.

Key Learnings

  • To discuss key passages in the Bible

  • To appreciate collective learning

  • To experience through personal involvement

  • To contextualize passages and their application in the world today

  • To become inquisitive, learning to ask questions and dive deeper


1. To have an authentic interest to seek the truth
2. Ready to commitment - of 30 minutes / free time, no fixed schedule / 3 days
3. Accessible digital infrastructure - PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device (best with keyboard) and internet access



Learning stakeholder


Topics and agenda

  • 1. A Warm Welcome

    On boarding | 15 Minutes

    Participants digitally on board their learning environment

    To achieve a sense of comfort and readiness to participate

  • 2. Setting the context

    Contextualizing | 15 Minutes

    A set of poll questions to explore why we are participating

    To gain clarity on our why

  • 3. How it works

    Getting started | 15 Minutes

    Overview on the steps, schedule and guidelines

    To know what to do, when to do and how to do

  • 4. Roles and responsibilities

    Expectation setting | 15 Minutes

    An overview on roles and responsibilities of our stakeholders

    To know our roles and responsibilities

  • 5. Discovering the Bible (I)

    Reflection | 30 Minutes

    To reflect and share an opinion on a Bible passage

    To appreciate, curate, engage and share

  • 6. Discovering the Bible (II)

    Reflecting | 30 Minutes

    To reflect and share an opinion on a Bible passage

    To appreciate, curate, engage and share

  • 7. Inspiration

    Receiving motivation | 15 Minutes

    Inspirational quotes and messages

    To take action

  • 8. Review and reflection

    Giving feedback | 15 Minutes

    Sharing thoughts, ideas and feedback on the learning experience

    To review and reflect


George Chee

Born in Penang, been here in Singapore since 1973. A Singaporean now for 45 years.

Was in the wilderness for 40 yrs but have no regrets, for those experiences were part of my faith journey. Found the oasis in 1992. Retired from the airforce in 2001 and returned to the workforce in 2007 and still happily serving time in the world.

All in all, I know that this journey is God's plan for me. Much more is coming my way if only I can make myself ready for Him.

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