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Wiztango is a digital platform for Publishers, Authors, Enterprises and other Content Originators to facilitate learning circles.


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Multiple studies over the past few years have shown that the workplace can be a really effective, if not the most effective, place to learn. The learning which happens through work and for work (or what we term Learning at Work) is much more effective than learning outside of work. But are we effectively enabling and sustaining effective learning in our organization?


“Our prevailing system of management has destroyed our people. People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-respect, dignity, curiosity to learn, joy in learning. The forces of destruction begin with toddlers – a prize for the best Halloween costume, grades in school, gold stars – and on up through the university. On the job, people, teams, and divisions are ranked, reward for the top, punishment for bottom. Management by Objectives, quotas, incentive pay, business plans, put together separately, division by division, cause further loss, unknown and unknowable.” – Dr. W. Edward Deming

In other words, “the prevailing system of management is dedicated to mediocrity. It forces people to work harder and harder to compensate for failing to tap the spirit and collective intelligence that characterizes working together at their best.” – Peter Senge, Author, The Fifth Discipline

This learning circle equips you with the knowledge and skill to create an informal learning environment to promote the curiosity to learn and the joy in learning whilst maximizing collective intelligence. It benefits your understanding of the art and practice of making your organization one that enables and nurtures learning.

* credited to The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization a book by Peter Senge

Key Learnings

  • Identify the “Learning Disabilities*” within your context

  • Recognize the “Laws of The Fifth Discipline*”

  • Self-contextualize the Learning Circle value proposition

  • Putting in place a road map for in-house implementation

  • Initiate the Workplace Learning Circles DIY process


1. Self motivation to implement a DIY approach
2. Driven to create a dynamic learning environment that is by the employees with the employees



Learning stakeholder


Prepare a set of KPIs for initiating learning at the workplace. To be used in house.


Implement road map for initiating workplace learning circles


Topics and agenda

  • 1. A warm welcome

    On boarding | 10 Minutes

    Covers navigation, settings, mobile access, house rules and other relevant highlights

    To acclimate to a digital, asynchronous and collaborative learning environment

  • 2. Background

    Learning Hack | 20 Minutes

    Receive information and initiate research from multiple perspectives

    To gain clarity on the background

  • 3. Setting the context

    Ice break | 15 Minutes

    Taking the opportunity to get to know each other and share thoughts related to learning at the workplace.

    To effectively set the context and clearly state our motivation

  • 4. Solution-ing

    Exploration | 30 Minutes

  • 5. DIY Practice

    Getting Started | 15 Minutes

    Explore and practice learning methodologies

    To take steps in getting started

  • 6. DIY inhouse

    Collaboration | 10 Minutes

    Explore options for getting started at the enterprise

    To select best approach (s)

  • 7. Implementation strategies

    Group Discussion | 20 Minutes

    Discuss strategies for in house implementation

    To outline strategies for initiation and sustaining

  • 8. Leveraging Singapore Learning Circles

    Organizing | 30 Minutes

    Selecting and inviting locally facilitated learning circles

    To introduce learning circles in house

  • 9. Seed Funding

    Information sharing | 20 Minutes

    Tap into the seed fund established for community-led learning

    To clarify the funding process and getting started

  • 10. Review & Reflection

    Summarizing | 15 Minutes

    Two pertinent questions "What did I learn ?" and "what more do I need to know?"

    To review, reflect, share, respond, question, contribute, appreciate..


Prashant Jain
CEO, Entrepreneur, Chief Architect Learning Circles

PJ is the Chief Architect of Learning Circles and creator of a Digital Facilitation Technology Platform for Content Originators. He is an American with a global background as an entrepreneur in technology and education management.

In 2002, he founded and for fourteen years successfully managed an in-residence corporate university for Japanese employees of Hitachi Corp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yokogawa, Panasonic and 30 global Japanese corporations. The Singapore-based company achieved $8.9M revenue at its peak and had 1,000 Japanese graduates from 25 global-skill development programs.

In the past 25 years, PJ has had pioneering leadership roles in the digital transformation of multiple industries including Pre-Press (Israeli-based Scitex Corp), Photography (Boston-based Leaf Technologies), Printing (Dutch-based Indigo Corp) and Advertising (Boston-based Engage Technologies)

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Our growth business model and Learning Circle technology enables SMEs & Content Originators to build a scalable learning model by digitalizing your expertise and then assigning trainers, consultants or managers to facilitate digitally-blended training as a learning circle for employees, professionals or students to contextualize & apply learning, resulting in collective intelligence and ROI.