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SkillsFuture Singapore

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will drive and coordinate the implementation of the national SkillsFuture movement, promote a culture of lifelong learning and strengthen the ecosystem of quality education and training in Singapore. Through a holistic system of national SkillsFuture initiatives, SSG enables Singaporeans to take charge of their learning journey in their pursuit of skills mastery.

Lifelong Learning Council

The Lifelong Learning Council aims to help people of all ages develop a habit of continual learning for a more purposeful and productive life. We hope to inspire a society that embraces lifelong learning as a way of life.

Lifelong Learning Institute

Launched in 2013, the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is one of two Continuing Education and Training campuses (CET) by SkillsFuture Singapore. As a vibrant adult-learning campus, LLI serves as a gateway for in-demand skills training and professional upgrading programmes.

LLI supports:

• our workforce in their progression and capability development needs
• employers to address their manpower needs
• CET providers to deliver best-in-class training programmes


SkillsFuture is a national movement that provides opportunities for all Singaporeans to develop to their fullest potential at different stages of their lives. Regardless of your starting point, you can realise your goals and aspirations through a holistic system of education and training.
Nurturing a culture of lifelong learning together with the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore’s next phase of development.


  1. 11 Eunos Road, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore View Map

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Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is a 3 minutes walk from Paya Lebar MRT, accessible via the East-West Line (EW8) and Circle Line (CC9).

Circle Line (CC9), Exit B
Upon exiting, walk straight and you will see LLI on your right after passing Paya Lebar Square.

East-West Line (EW8), Exit A
Upon exiting, turn left and walk straight until you reach Paya Lebar Road.

Then, turn right, walk straight and you will see LLI on your right, after passing Paya Lebar Square.


Are you taking an active role in your community?
Here is a wonderful opportunity - No idea is too big or too small. Get funding for up to 90% of project costs, capped at $50,000 (whichever is lower)
So, get together with your friends and colleagues in the community of practitioners and bring your learning ideas to life with the LearnSG Seed Fund.


LearnSG Seed Fund – a $3 million fund set aside for 1 year – aims to grow community-led learning initiatives.

Applications will be open to groups of individuals, organisations, schools and community groups with the following criteria:
Groups must comprise at least two individuals, 18 years old and above with at least one being a Singaporean. Individuals below 18 years old may apply through their schools.

Schools include educational institutions (for example, MOE primary/secondary schools, junior colleges, ITEs, polytechnics, universities and private institutions).

Organisations must be registered in Singapore with the Registrar of Society (ROS) or the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Applicants will need to fill in the online application form and submit: Your project proposal, Team members’ particulars, Project budget, Projected timeline, Attach any other supporting documents in .jpeg or .pdf format

After applications are submitted, the Evaluation Committee will get back to you within 1 month from the application submission date.

Should your application be approved, you will sign a Letter of Offer with the Office of Lifelong Learning. Once this is done, you will receive an upfront disbursement of 50% of the approved project cost within approximately two weeks, for you to kick start your project.

At the end of your project, you will receive the remaining 50% of the approved project cost, supported by end of project report and proof(s) of deliverables/outcomes and relevant supporting document(s) such as receipts and invoices.

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Key Learnings

  • To better understand the big picture

  • To understand the application process and criteria

  • To understand the funding mechanism

  • To explore success stories

  • To share the outcomes with fellow practitioners and organizations


We are looking for ideas that:

>Build and promote lifelong learning culture
>Impart and encourage work and life skills learning
>Benefit the community and Singapore



Learning stakeholder


To share the learning outcomes with your colleagues, friends and fellow practitioners.


Topics and agenda

  • 1. Participant onboarding

    Digital | 05 Minutes

    Covers navigation, settings, mobile access, house rules and other relevant highlights

    To help participants hit the ground running and maximize their learning experience and outcome

  • 2. The Background

    Discussion | 15 Minutes

  • 3. The Application

    Knowledge Sharing | 15 Minutes

  • 4. Additional Questions

    FAQ | 15 Minutes

  • 5. Success Stories

    Sharing Inspiration | 15 Minutes

    These are examples of funded projects by organizations, institutes as well as individuals.

    To get inspiration and ideas for your own organization

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LifeLong Learning Movement

The Lifelong Learning Festival is a celebration of lifelong learning through a day of exciting learning activities including free talks and workshop on personal enrichment, health & wellness and work skills. The festival aims to raise awareness and inspire lifelong learning and make every day a learning day for everyone. The event is catered for all walks of life, be it the young in school or the adults at work to the young at heart.

Whether you are a student, a working adult starting out in your career, a professional in your mid-career, or an experienced worker in your silver years – you can access a wealth of resources to help you attain skills mastery.

Nurturing a culture of lifelong learning together with the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore’s next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society.