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Lifelong learning begins to happen when an individual learner or a group of learners drive the learning experience. With this as our ultimate aim, Singapore Learning Circles takes the first step for practitioners to initiate the practice of lifelong learning. Subsequently, through the benefits of a digital and blended platform, we prompt learners to do the same.


To create blended (online and offline) learning circles driven by practitioners and learners on various topics enabling and empowering them to initiate the practice of learning leading to the greater contribution to the community and society-at-large. Our goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities for the citizens to adapt and excel in social and community based learning. We get started by reaching out and promoting this concept to various communities.

First inviting practitioners to initiate their learning circle, introducing them to the seed funding and finally nurturing them to achieve success in their efforts.

With a rapid onboarding, practitioners have an opportunity to deploy their expertize and content to serve the community.

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Key Learnings

  • To get on board and experience the learner perspective

  • To discuss the context of lifelong learning

  • To experience account creation

  • To experience program development and subsequent scheduling

  • To experience digital facilitation


A practitioner with a desire to volunteer and contribute to community based learning. Ready and available to create digital and or blended program. Facilitate and engage learners to promote the practice of lifelong learning.



Learning stakeholder


To DIY community learning program and explore the Learn SG seed fund


Topics and agenda

  • 1. Participant onboarding

    Digital | 10 Minutes

    Covers navigation, settings, mobile access, house rules and other relevant highlights

    To help participants hit the ground running and maximize their learning experience and outcome

  • 2. Learning Circles

    Reference data | 10 Minutes

    Background information and its context to the Singapore Learning Circles initiatives

    To contextualize the benefits

  • 3. Sharing your Motivation

    Learning Hack | 30 Minutes

    An equal opportunity for each participant to share their opinion and motivations for community led learning

    Implementing a key aspect of learning circles

  • 4. DIY Blended Learning

    DIY |

    Step-by-step facilitated guide to building your own community program

    To achieve a sense of comfort in digital

  • 5. Learn SG Fund

    Instructional | 30 Minutes

    Details to the seed fund and its application process

    To gain clarity on the application process

  • 6. Networking & Ideas

    Proactive Sharing | 30 Minutes

    Share people, ideas, network

    To help each other achieve goals

  • 7. Review and Reflection

    Sharing | 30 Minutes

    Share what we learned and what more we wish to learn.

    To review and reflect on the learning experience


Prashant Jain
CEO, Entrepreneur, Chief Architect Learning Circles

PJ is the Chief Architect of Learning Circles and creator of a Digital Facilitation Technology Platform for Content Originators. He is an American with a global background as an entrepreneur in technology and education management.

In 2002, he founded and for fourteen years successfully managed an in-residence corporate university for Japanese employees of Hitachi Corp, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Yokogawa, Panasonic and 30 global Japanese corporations. The Singapore-based company achieved $8.9M revenue at its peak and had 1,000 Japanese graduates from 25 global-skill development programs.

In the past 25 years, PJ has had pioneering leadership roles in the digital transformation of multiple industries including Pre-Press (Israeli-based Scitex Corp), Photography (Boston-based Leaf Technologies), Printing (Dutch-based Indigo Corp) and Advertising (Boston-based Engage Technologies)

Catriona Ward
Experienced EdTech Consultant, Instructional Designer, Content Developer and Trainer

Catriona is an Australian citizen residing in Singapore with a global background as an Educational Technology Specialist. She has over 25 years experience in education and technology and believes that the future of education relies on an ongoing dialogue between educators/trainers, organisations (educational or corporate), and professionals in the tech world.

Catriona has extensive experience in educational and technical organisations with proven management, leadership, development, facilitation and project management skills. She is recognised for her initiative, integrity, dependability and flexibility in meeting objectives.

Catriona has specialist educational skills as well as extensive experience in the design and delivery of ICT/elearning products and professional development to a wide range of client groups. Her problem-solving skills, attention to detail, understanding of elearning systems and pedagogy, technical knowledge, and strong educational background enables her to develop meaningful, interactive and engaging content and deliver inclusive and responsive training sessions.

With university degrees in Education, eLearning and Psychology and experience in schools, higher education, corporate and government sectors, Catriona is well equipped to help customers use educational technology to deliver training that is of a high educational standard.

Catriona’s skills include: Instructional design, learning pedagogy and assessment, curriculum design, content analysis, scripting, storyboarding, educational content and layout, content writing, learning management systems, specialised electronic learning software, virtual classrooms, HTML, SCORM, learning needs analysis, project management.

bp lim
Sales Enablement Consultant helping sales performance improvement

Are you a Senior Business Leader or Owner in Sales or Business Development, Sales Training, Sales Effectiveness, Sales Enablement, Sales Solutions, Learning & Development, HR or Marketing who is involved in your organization's revenue generation strategy?

A recent research by Sales Executive Council showed that the driver that contributed to the greatest customer loyalty was "purchase experience" (53%). Unfortunately, Forrester's online survey pointed out that only 1 in every 7 sales visits usually live up to the expectations of the buying executives. It's more astonishing to find out that 88% of the salespeople are very prepared to talk about their own company and products and only 29% of sales professionals understand about the customer's business and problems.

This has led to a significant decrease of spending to less than 20%. While there is an increase in competition and the global economic climate is very challenging, that poor "purchase experience" resulted in even lower win rate and ultimately created more obstacles for sustainable growth.

Despite these stern statistics, Senior Business Leader or Owner like you can leverage on a systematic sales performance improvement approach to help your team to create a unique "purchase experience" for the customers, increase the win rate and "fast-forward" customers' decision making process.

As the Founder of Sales Blueprint, I've helped thousands of top Executives to significantly accelerate sales and marketing growth through blended learning with sustainable behavioural change.

We have a great passion for sales performance improvement. We also love to empower sales professionals and challenge their thoughts in reaching a "shared understanding" with the clients.

I hope I can be a good resource to you. Scroll down to the "publications" to locate the eBook link to discover the 7 costly mistakes 80% of the sales people make that is costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Magmasoft Pte Ltd

We work with a wide gamut of the learning supply chain including Subject Matter Experts (SME), Product Owners, Authors, Publishers, Training Providers, Corporate, Institutes and Schools.

Our growth business model and Learning Circle technology enables SMEs & Content Originators to build a scalable learning model by digitalizing your expertise and then assigning trainers, consultants or managers to facilitate digitally-blended training as a learning circle for employees, professionals or students to contextualize & apply learning, resulting in collective intelligence and ROI.